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ok I couldn’t resist reviewing a sleep related phone application. Most of the ones I came across were around sleep hygeine and sleep-wake cycles. Mysleepbutton isn’t like the others. It is a sleep tool which uses visual imagery to help keep your mind off the things worrying you and allow you to drift off into sleep. The App description reads like this:

All you need to do is:

  • press the “Put Me to Sleep” button, and
  • imagine the diverse things mentioned by the app.

This will keep your mind off your concerns and into a state that is wonderfully conducive to sleep…

It’s that simple.

Was it that simple – yes! I can honestly say that I wasn’t awake when it stopped. I tried the drawing objects pack but you can chose the simple things or the scenes pack to trial as well. The different packs are available in either human voice or synthetic voices and a mix of female or male voices.

So whats the catch? The app is available for trial but the trial does expire and after that you will have to purchase the packs. If it works for you then the $6.49 investment for a pack will be well worth it.

What’s so good about it: It’s a great distraction tool and it gives you multiple types of visual imagery to trial – not every type will work for every person – this way you get to try before you buy.

What’s not so good: The trial will expire and you will have to pay for it eventually.

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