Stress Less Week

For those of you on Callaghan campus this week you will probably come across various activities and events set up this week to encourage you to stress less. There are Yoga, relaxation and meditation sessions, a petting zoo, obstacle courses, arts ad crafts and inflatable slides to name a few of the activities. You can find out more information from visiting the UON current students page. If you can’t make it to these events or want a few more general tips you might like to consider these quick 10 tips that a colleague of mine put together to get you through the next four weeks of assignments and exams.

  1. Check your stress level & note the causes
  2. Take charge of things you can control & begin now
  3. Develop a flexible schedule for the next month
  4. Keep active & work if off e.g. take a brisk walk
  5. Use positive self talk e.g. “I can do this one step at a time”
  6. Relaxing helps focus the mind. Take slow breaths & think “calm” Hurry slowly.
  7. Be kind to yourself with healthy food & sleep.
  8. Take time out for rest & fun.
  9. Stay connected to friends & family & let them know your plan of attack.
  10. Ask for help

You might like to check out the UCS website for relaxation tips & meditation downloads. Also remember that the online counsellor is available on Skype this week for drop-in chats via messenger.





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