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Well it’s the week of Autonomy on campus this week, and in preparation for tomorrow (the big day) I thought I would review a smartphone app that might help you pace yourself and make better decisions around drinking. Wise Drinking is a free app that allows you to track what you are drinking and where you are on your limit for the day. It’s easy to download and quick to set up. You enter a few details for your profile and if you share your location with it then it allows gives you a map with your location so when you are calling a taxi or friend to come pick you up you can give them the location easily.

The app also gives you some advice and information about alcohol metabolism, pacing your drinks and you can set reminders to check your rate throughout the night. Whilst it isn’t an accurate breathalyser by adding to the drink diary it gives a good estimate of your limit and range and if you should be driving. It asks you for your gender and weight and also about your food intake to give a better estimate of this.

Whilst you are logged in you can also let a friend use it by clicking the test guest button. They need to enter a few simple fields about gender, alcohol and food intake and they will also get an estimate of what range they are in.

Whats good about it: You can set reminders to check where you are at and start making a plan for how to get home if you have gone over your limit for the night.

What’s not so good about it: Other apps also incorporate a challenges options so you can start reducing your intake as well as regular tips on avoiding triggers, learning to say no and pacing yourself whereas this one is designed to give you the feedback of where you are at not reducing your intake or helping you stay on your plan with drinking.

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