Be SMART setting your goals

Be Smart is a smartphone application designed to provide you with the principles of SMART goal setting and provide a platform to allow you to set and monitor goals.

In addition to providing the description of the SMART principles it also provides you with examples of SMART goals. It limits you to three goals for yourself and 3 goals for someone else in this free version – although I think you could use all 6 for yourself – who’s going to know.

Each goal can be assigned to a category: Career, Family, Health & Fitness, Knowledge & Skills, etc. You can also assign priorities to your goals and set reminders for when the app should check in with how you are going on reaching your goals.

For each Goal you can set up an action plan, this is where you should break down the larger goal into smaller steps. For example if you set the goal of weight loss you could break it into smaller goals of joining the gym, walking 3 times a week for 30 minutes etc. You can also use the Tasks function to make a list of the things you need to do, like phone around and get gym membership prices, look up gym class timetable.

What’s good about it: The SMART principles are described and it forces you to think about them when setting the goal.

What’s not so good about it: There isn’t a progress bar where you can record your progress toward the goal 🙁 It also doesn’t allow you to delete a goal and it’s only available on iPhone. I will be looking into other alternatives and put up some more links for you all.

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