R U ok?

On Thursday 1oth September, ask someone – a mate, a colleague, an acquaintance – R U OK?

R U Ok day is about suicide prevention. Its about creating a day and opportunity to break down the stigma of mental health and suicide in the community and check in with the people in your life about how they are traveling.

1. Ask R U OK?

  • Start a general conversation – preferably somewhere private
  • Break the ice with a joke or an amusing story – the latest grumpy cat image or cat post could be a good way to start.
  • Build trust through good eye contact, open and relaxed body language
  • If you are stuck on how to start the conversation check out the check-in app for some ideas.

2. Listen without judgement

  • Guide the conversation with caring questions and give them time to reply
  • Don’t rush to solve problems
  • Help them understand that solutions are available when they’re ready
  • Summarise the issues and ask what they plan to do

3. Encourage action

  • Encourage them to take one step, such as see their doctor
  • If they’re unsure about where to go for help, help them to contact someone a doctor or UON counselling or another local or online resource

4. Follow up

  • Ask if they’ve managed to take that first step and see someone
  • If they deny the problem, don’t criticise. Acknowledge that they’re not ready to talk.

More tips, resources and info is available from the R U OK? website

Remember: a conversation could change a life.

If you need help please contact:

  • University Health Service 4921 6000 (Callaghan) 4348 4060 (Ourimbah)
  • Counselling 0249215801 (Callaghan) 4348 4060 (Ourimbah) 0265816200 (Port)
  • LifeLine 13 11 14
  • Suicide callback service 1300659467

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