Sharing your battles with mental health

“I was first diagnosed with depression when I was 14.

“For the next six years I spent my time running away from my diagnosis. I dropped out of high school and I found myself falling through life.

“Two years ago, I made the decision to reach out for help and receive treatment.

“With some incredibly supportive people, my life has turned around and I can now manage my depression.

“At the moment, I’m about to complete my first year of university — something I never thought possible.”

This is just one of the young people who are sharing their personal battles with mental health with the support of the Black Dog Institute. A small group of young people are doing this in hope of reaching out to others who might be experiencing similar things they did and trying the shed some light on what can seem like a dark place for some. You can check out more of the stories by reading the ABC article.


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