Last week I was madly searching the internet looking for a quality online resource or phone app that could help adults who were being bullied or people who were witness to bullying and wanted help with changing the situation. Imagine my disappointment when I could only find ones for kids. Whilst some of these looked good and certainly similar principles are applied in the circumstances I couldn’t bring myself to review a kids app for university students. So I took a different approach and started looking for apps around building resilience – again not a lot of free apps specifically around all the concepts of building resilience but on individual aspects there were a few.

So here I am using and reviewing the app Happier! Yes that’s right I am getting daily notifications to my phone reminding me to think positively. It’s doesn’t stop there though, I can use the app to connect with others, see there statements and photos of happiness they are sharing. These can by people all around the country or I can refine it to those that are nearby. It’s a little like Instagram in a way but instead of a like or heart button there is a smile button you can click if what you see makes you happy. There is also a courses section of the app where free and paid courses are offered online around a variety of topics like, gratitude, meditation, Yoga, Confidence, less stress and more calm.

To be honest I’m not sure I am really into this app myself, I feel like I might already have a fair few social media tools and this feels like another one to add to the bundle and could distract me from doing other things I should be doing (so if you are a procrastinator by trade don’t download this one). I love the idea of it sharing only happy things and the reminder notifications which positive affirmations as well as the connectedness to others in sharing these positive experiences but I’m not sure I feel any better about or stronger within myself than when I started a week and a half ago. I am giving the gratitude 10 day challenge course a go – after all it’s free and I must say so far so good.

So Happier as a resilience tool???? I should say it never claimed to be a resilience building tool, and to be honest it is only one type of strategy in what should be a pool of resources you use to build your self esteem. But Happier as a way of staying in touch with good mental health and wellbeing could be worth a look.

What’s good about it: There are a couple of free courses you can do on gratitude and meditation that are worth trying out.

What’s no so good about it: It feels like other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram but with a positivity filter applied!

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