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Do you find it difficult to get to sleep at night? Are you feeling edgy and easily agitated? Do you find yourself saying “I need a coffee”?  If you answered yes to any of these it could be time to review how much caffeine you are consuming and what impact that is having on your sleep and general wellbeing.

Caffeine is a smartphone app that you can use to firstly get some more information of what food and drinks contain caffeine, what the guidelines are for safe consumption of caffeine and tips for how to reduce your caffeine intake. You can track what you are having as you are consuming it on the front page by taping the + button and watching your flask fill with bubbles. This will update your status, potential impact on how you will feel later and how many hours it will be before you can engage in quality sleep. You can also look at your history over time and see how you are going on reducing your consumption.

What’s good about it?: It’s really easy to use and gives you a quick idea of how caffeine consumption is impacting on your mood and your sleep.

What’s not so good about it?: It’s an American app so the programmed drinks and food are mainly American. You can add your own customised drinks for easy selection but you have to know the caffeine content of each of these to enter them into the list.

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