Where did the time go?

I think every year around March I feel like time is going slow, things are slower paced and there are less looming deadlines. I’m not sure if this is because semester is just starting and students and staff are enjoying the feel of things just starting or if its a reflection of less holiday, birthday and social commitments I have in my life at that time? Either way this time of the year always feels faster to me, and I find it harder and harder to find the time in my life for all my commitments let alone time just for me to relax and unwind. But I must find, or make the time to spend the time on me or I don’t think I’ll have enough motivation and energy to get through the rest of my commitments for the year!

So I’m having a look at what time I actually have left. I suspect it’s going to say none, but you just never know. Lets start with how much sleep I’m getting each night, I’d say on average about 6 hours at the moment. What about personal grooming? mmm I’d say another hour a day goes into that. Another 3 hours a day making, eating and cleaning up after meals, about 1 hour a day of travel time, and 2 hours in after school activities for the kids. Chores and errands would take another 1-2 hours per day, so lets split the difference and say 1.5 hours a day and add another 7 hours per day for work…how many is that? 21.5 hrs…..what am I doing with the other 2.5 hrs?

Truth be told I’m probably either working or doing chores, but what I can now see is that I could probably let a few chores go or work a little less from home and start using this time to look after me? Go out to dinner with a friend? Get back to walking or the gym, read a book and watch a movie. Maybe then I’d feel a little less exhausted each day? There is definitely truth in the fact that we get more done when we are working more effectively rather than just a greater quantity of hours. Students get better grades when they have a balanced lifestyle, rather than one where there are too few or too many hours spent studying. We feel better when we get a more even balance of work/study, exercise, social activities and relaxing time.

So if you are wondering where the time has gone, feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment or wanting to escape it all maybe it’s time to take stock of what hours you spend on what activities like I have and look to prioritise yourself and get a more balanced lifestyle. Even if all you have left is 30 minutes, maybe that’s 10 minutes to sit and have a cup of tea, 10 minutes to go for a walk across campus, and 10 minutes to give a friend a call? The changes don’t have to be big, little ones are a great way to start!

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