myCompass – building resilience and well-being

myCompass is an interactive self-help service that aims to promote resilience and well-being. Developed by The Black Dog Institute it is available online and on your mobile device to make it easily accessible for people to use. There are a number of different parts of the program including;

  1. Tracking – this allows you to monitor your moods and events at any point in the day.
  2. Reports – made from your tracking information these help identify patterns and triggers in your day that help you understand why you feel the way you do.
  3. Modules – these contain skill building activities to help you develop new coping skills.
  4. Diary – this is a space you can record whatever information you like at any time. You might want to record your thoughts and help get a few things out of your head so they stop getting in the way.
  5. Stories – these are stories of people who have been in similar experiences to you.
  6. Learn – this section has more information and tips on mental health which you might find useful.

What’s good about it: You can access the service on your computer of phone and you don’t have commit to a certain day or time to complete the modules and get help.

What’s not so good: You will need an account to use this but I’m not sure if you need to log into it every time you use it so the diary function may not be as secure as it could be – happy to be wrong though! Regardless the rest is great so give it a go.


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