All roads lead to success

Well it’s that time of the year when students start to panic about exams and end of year results. Well not all of you but definitely a fair few of you. You start calculating how many marks you need to pass the course and for others you have already given up hope of passing and you are already wondering how to squeeze 5 subjects into next semester or wondering if you have chosen the right degree? I can recall feeling this way most of my degree, the wondering if I got it right – my career path that is.

When I first started out at UON as a student I was enrolled in my Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree, although this was a temporary plan as I really wanted to be a journalist. So I did some first year communications subjects in my first year as well as science and psychology. Turns out my love for journalism died with those subjects and my passion for science, well geography really started (Not chemistry though – I failed CHEM101). So I crammed all the geography subjects in I could and thought I’ll change to B.Sc and finish after 3 years. Then disaster struck, my favourite lecturer left and the subjects I wanted were no longer available, so back to Psychology it was. I loved third year Psychology and I have loved my career, even if it is a mile from where I thought I wanted to be.

So what’s my point you ask. You can fail a subject, change your mind about your degree and be unsure about each decision you make at any time, or all the time and still come out the other end successful. There is no one clear pathway to success and there are no right or wrong decisions, just choices. Some of our greatest successes come from failures and these failures are what make us more determined to achieve. They are not things to be ashamed of and our time is never wasted because from these comes growth.

So as you prepare for your exams and wind up this semester remember there are many pathways to success and the road doesn’t have to be smooth. You can change direction from time to time and still achieve your dream at the end.


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