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Is there a better time to talk about worry than now, exam time. Reach Out and CCI have developed an app called Worry Time which allows you to track and store your worries for later in the day and allow you to focus on the present moment.  To start with you will need to set up your worry time. I chose at the end of the day and allowed myself 5 minutes to spend at the end of each day worrying about the thoughts I had during the day.  You can store each worry you have and each time it enters your head you can track it by hitting the little cloud button. Then when worry time comes up you will get a reminder and you have the opportunity to sit and worry about each of these thoughts or situations. You can also plan an action to help reduce your worry at that time. When the time you set is up then you have to wait till the next day at that time to worry again.

Whilst the app doesn’t give you tips on how to stop the worries altogether it does help you limit the time you waste thinking about them and stop you losing the time you could be spending do something more enjoyable.

What’s good about it: it is really simple to use and you don’t need to set up a profile.

What’s not so good about it: It could be even better if it suggested a few tips for how to decrease your worry or how to challenge some of your negative thoughts. Maybe though it’s best left simple and maybe use something like Mindshift to do that?

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