Touched by loss

Sometimes there are few words that make sense. These are the times I find myself thinking of loss. The loss of life, loss of function, loss of love or loss of self. Loss rarely makes sense and is rarely welcomed by any. The combination of all these losses along with a loss of freedom is where we suffer the most. Where words fail to provide the comfort that we seek. The loss suffered in Paris these last few days is such a loss.

You do not have to have lost someone you knew or to have been there to be touched by this loss. For some it may trigger the memory of a previous loss and re-open the pain that they felt at this time. For others it may be felt in the fear they have for future loss. Or for some is may be the actual loss they suffered in the last few days from these senseless attacks in Paris. Regardless of how this loss is felt if you would like to talk with someone about it then please contact either the Online Counsellor or Counselling Service at UON for an appointment. You can also access support during the Skype Drop-in times or you can contact Lifeline either via phone or online for support.

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