Holiday time

The end of study for those studying semesters and trimesters is here and its the beginning of the long awaiting summer holidays. For some those holidays are long and glorious – a time to relax, idle the time away. For others they are shorter or maybe they are alone this holiday season or missing someone they love. Or maybe the pressure of Christmas, choosing the right gift for someone or spending time with family who don’t always get along make this time of the year less exciting than all the hype we see at shops, media portrayals or Hollywood depictions.

Regardless of what this time of the year means to you, or what kind of day you are having take some time out for you. Spend a day reading a novel (not those textbooks and journal articles you have been reading all year) or go try something new that you have been thinking about but never had the time to do. Spend some time giving to someone less fortunate than you – this one sounds like its for someone else but the buzz you get from feeling useful and being appreciated will remind you otherwise.

And if these don’t work and you find yourself struggling this Christmas reach out and share the burden with someone. Maybe a friend or a family member might be able to help you? Or contact someone at Lifeline – there are people who are there to help everyday of the year and Christmas is no exception.

I want to take this time to thank all the students and staff at UON who take the time to read this blog. I wish you all well over the holiday break and I look forward to spending 2016 with you all.

Merry Christmas – Kellie

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