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Consumers are often asked to participate in research to help science find new and better ways of helping people manage the challenges that life throws at them. I mean who hasn’t been asked at some point to answer a survey about their experience. Here at UON survey’s and research is the foundation upon which we pin all our hopes and dreams as we participate in education in pursuit of our dreams.

The Butterfly Foundation is asking people to join with them and hopefully allow for a creation of a better practice framework for people who are recovering from an eating disorder. They are inviting men and women who are recovering/recovered from an eating disorder in a project which aims at translating knowledge from lived experience into a framework of recovery oriented practice to support people with eating disorders.

If you’re 18 years of age or over you can contribute to the project by completing the survey and attending a focus group. The surveys will be conducted online and the focus groups will be conducted in Sydney (4:30-7:30pm Wed 20th Jan), and Newcastle (4:30-7:30pm Wed 24th Feb). If you are interested in finding out more then have a look at this PDFor contact Elektra Walter for more information.

If you want to give participation a miss but would like to find out for about the foundation and eating disorders the website has a lot of information, research and they offer individual (Phone and online) and group support for people with eating disorders and their carers.

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