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Usually I reserve my reviews and blog posts for free services available for students to access. Every now and again I come across something that is good and affordable and I pass sharing it because I like to think that no one should have to pay for their mental health. However recently I thought about the fact that I would happily pay for my mental health if it was affordable and the help I received was good. So today I am sharing the information about a service called “This Way Up“.

This way up offers a number of different courses including one on depression, anxiety, combined depression and anxiety, social phobia, panic disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Stress Management. A lot of online courses are more general but This Way Up also has courses for more specific areas like OCD and social phobia. Each course has online questionnaires, exercise, recovery stories, comic based stories and additional resources. If your GP or psychologist refers you then you can be linked with them and they can provide you with feedback but if you want to give it a go independently the results can be just as effective. I’m a registered clinician so I am happy to be linked with you if you are a UON student and want additional support with completing the course.


This might not be for everyone and maybe it is something that you could use when you are already seeing a counsellor or while you are waiting for an appointment with a counsellor. What it offers you is flexibility in how and when you access support. You usually pay less than $60 and it gets you three months access to the materials for the course you are enrolled in and upon completion you get an additional 90 days to allow you access to the materials and practice time.

What’s good about it: You can access this in your own time with low cost and there are no waiting periods.

What’s not so good about it: If you are accessing this independently then there is no clinical support. Although if you are a UON student and want to give it a go I’d be happy to support you through the program!


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