The Balancing Act

WBullseyeelcome back everyone, I thought the fist week back after the break would be a good time to talk about balance.  Russ Harris, an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, uses the bullseye diagram to highlight different domains in our lives such as work/education, leisure, personal growth/health and relationships that are all important and all deserve attention.  Finding a balance between these areas is important for well-being.

I have often wondered if having a completely balanced life is even possible, it is certainly one of the things I find most difficult in my life.  I feel like I am always leaning heavily to one or two areas.  My usual focus points are family and work, this means that I often have little to no time for exercise or relaxation.  This is crazy because I KNOW that when I am taking time for exercise and relaxation that I function much better in all other areas of my life.

Even writing this I notice the negative mental chatter starting…”You should be doing this”, “you should be doing that”, blah blah blah!! Then I remind myself that I am human, and finding balance in life is a constant readjustment.  If you imagine a tightrope walker – swaying a little to this side then a little to that side is completely normal – the aim is simply not to fall completely off one side.

Talking about balance is important.  I know it reminds me to be aware of what is happening in my life and make those necessary adjustments to regain some balance.  I hope it prompts you to consider your own situation and whether or not you are leaning to one side.  If you are, don’t stress, it is normal.  It just serves as a good reminder of things we may have forgotten!

There is a great tipsheet on our website that talks about balance and well-being.  If you are worried or would like to talk to someone about how you find balance in your life, you can contact 4921 5801 to book an appointment with a Student Support Advisor.  If you would like to know more about the bullseye diagram or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), there is some great information on this website.  I hope you all have a balanced week!

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