Money, Money, Money.

moneysmartMoney is the bane of existence for most uni students! It can be so tough finding that balance between making enough money to survive and having enough time to complete the content and assessment for university courses. A good budget is essential for success.

The MoneySmart website provides some great information and resources for all your financial needs.  My favourite tool on the website and one that is most relevant to uni students is the budget tool.

This budget calculator can be accessed on the website by signing up to MoneySmart or you can download the excel file from the website. It is so easy to use and the best feature is the fact that it does all the maths for you!

There are different categories which include most of the areas we spend money on, there are also options to adjust categories to add your individual spending needs.  You can choose to plan weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually and there is a sections for savings! There is also an app called TrackMySpend that helps you monitor your outgoing expenses and track your progress.

What’s good about it: Free, easy to use, no calculators needed and it’s pretty comprehensive.

What’s not so good: It doesn’t magically make more money appear!


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