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Back in my undergraduate days we used to keep our timetables in our student diary – pencil and paper. Yep it had to be pencil because you dropped classes, changed tutorial groups, or labs were on only 6 weeks of the semester which meant you had multiple copies of your timetable and if you left that vital diary on your kitchen bench at home you were relying on your classmates to tell you where you should be on the day. These days it’s all online and you can access it easily on your phone, smart device or computers on campus.

Everyone uses different apps and programs to keep track of their classes, a separate one for making task lists, and other, maybe a diary for keeping your exam schedule. My Study Life, available online or as an app for iPhone and android, can manage your schedule, assessment tasks, study plan and exam schedule all in one. You can use it to set reminders to be sent to you for different items and also set up rotating schedules if your timetable changes weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. It is relatively easy to use and you can sign in using your office 365 profile, google or Facebook account details.

So if you are looking for a way to stay organised and paper and pencil are not really working for you, give this app a go and see if it works for you.

What’s good about it?: It is a diary, task list and exam scheduler with reminders all in one.

What’s not so good about it?: It would be great if there was an additional function of organising a study schedule that works around your classes but in a separate screen.

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