Bouncing Back

Semester 1 is over now and as the exams and assessments come to an end you can start to let go of the stress and anxiety that was building over the semester. How quickly you bounce back and get back to your previous functions will depend on your resilience. Every opportunity you have to thrive and overcome a challenge your resilience grows and you bounce back quicker in future times of stress. So in theory each semester should get easier to get through and the time for recovery should decrease allowing you to relax earlier and enjoy the between semester breaks. But if you are looking for ways to improve your resilience and maximize your break time then have a look at these tips to help you bounce back quicker.

  1. Relationships – reach out to those people in your life that you trust and ask for and accept help and support.
  2. Be flexible – accept that the goal posts will change, sometimes through your own desire but sometimes it’s beyond your control. Instead of spending time trying to change them back focus on what you have achieved and develop the new action plan in line with the new goal.
  3. Take action – instead of avoiding stressors and hoping they will go away take action and address them.
  4. Keep things in perspective – it’s easy to think the worse when something goes wrong but try and think about the bigger long term picture and keep things in perspective.
  5. Maintain a hopeful outlook – don’t fall into a pessimistic or black and white thinking patterns when you don’t succeed the first time around. Focus on what you have achieved and appreciate the effort you have gone to.


*This past week I’ve been talking with our Equity and Diversity Coordinator on campus about Resilience and her passion and interest in this topic has inspired this blog post. Thank you Tara, I look forward to seeing the results of your passions.

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