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One of the things I love most about working at UON is the enthusiasm and commitment of the students in not only achieving academically but in supporting one another in getting through the daily stressors. This week I’ve learned about two such students who have under the guidance of one of the counsellors at UON and The WayAhead group put together a support group for students who experience stress and anxiety.

The group, which is free, is designed to provide a welcoming and safe space for people who are, or have experienced anxiety or stress. The group provides a confidential and non-judgmental setting that is open to everybody. Many people who suffer from anxiety or stress feel that they are alone and no one understands their dread and fear.The support group hopes to  show students that they are not alone in their experiences. It is not a therapeutic group, but rather a discussion and sharing of personal experiences.

The group will run every fortnight on a Tuesday from 12:30-2pm at the Glasshouse. There will be free tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit along with resources to share.  Each week will cover a different theme:

Week 4 (Tuesday 16th August) Anxiety and University Life – Life Hacks for Uni

Week 6 (Tuesday 30th August) Student Wellbeing, mindfulness, relaxation Week 8 (Tuesday 13th September) RUOK day: starting a conversation about mental health with your friends and family. We ask ‘are you okay?’

2nd week holidays (Tuesday 27th September) Self-Awareness Month/Accepting yourself/ Managing stress around assessments and final projects

Week 10 (Tuesday 11th October) Mental Health Week – Creating awareness of mental health, what have been your experiences?

Week 12 (Tuesday 25th October) Preparing for Exams: talking about the tips and strategies that help you stay healthy during exams

Exam Period (Tuesday 8ths November) Managing Exam Stress/Coping Strategies/Sleep

If you want more information then contact Taylor on or show up on the day and say hello in person.

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