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Welcome back from mid semester break….well I’m a little early in the welcome back you still have a few days off. Enjoy them and be sure to return next week refreshed and ready to get stuck into the end of semester 2. For some of you this will be your last semester before you complete your degree and for some it’s the end of your first semester. For all the rest you are somewhere in between. Regardless of where you are in your individual journey’s you are all on the same journey to finish this semester which inevitably will involve completing assessments, writing and/or studying for exams. While some of you are ready to go, are great at managing your time and have a system sorted for success there may be a few people still looking for some tips. Building on from my previous posts about managing your time and getting the most out of your study time today I am reviewing a new app for you recommended by someone who has recently completed their PhD.

Be focused is a time management app which is free, easy to use and allows you to keep track of your progress on the time you devote to a task. It allows you to add tasks to work on easily and then you tap to work on this task in 25 minute intervals. You can of course continue working by tapping again at the end of the time frame or if you want to switch tasks you can. The idea behind this one is to be able to take regular breaks to re-energise as well as keeping track of the tasks. It has a pause function if you get interrupted. If you want to change the work or break intervals you can in the settings section so it gives you an opportunity to figure out your optimum times for success.

What’s good about it: it is easy to use and you can start without reading through long instructions. It is also customiseable to what works best for you in terms of work and break cycles. So if you like a 50 minute block and then a 15 minute break you can set this up.

What’s not so good about it: mmmmmmm…. it will still require you to stay focused on the work to lead to success – so if you are struggling with procrastination you might want to team it with some other apps and resources to help with this also.

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