Referencing….the final step before you Turnitin

So all that stands between you and freedom from assessments is completing the references at the end of your work, Argh! If you are anything like me I used to leave the job till the end. Partly because I didn’t want to spend time entering references I didn’t end up using and partly because, lets face it, it’s a crappy job.  Fortunately a lot has changed now from my undergrad days and there are a lot of new online and applications available to help with referencing.

One of these is the RefMe tool, available both online and as an app. This is a free tool that enables you to chose from over 30 referencing styles and you can either manually enter details, chose from the already listed resources or if using the phone or ipad you can scan the bar code of a book to assist with referencing. I always struggled with referencing electronic resources before and I decided to give this a go by entering in my own blog, sure enough it took the details from the URL and then converted them into a citation for me. It was easy to flick between referencing styles and also allows you to create different projects so you can keep different subjects in different lists.

Like any referencing guide it isn’t perfect and there are some manual overrides needed but on the whole it isn’t too bad.  It definitely beats the old days of looking up each referencing rule in my hard copy of the APA guidelines.

What’s good about it: It is easy to create an account, it’s free and it doesn’t have any lengthy manuals to read before you start using it.

What’s not so good: You will need to pay for the premium features and you may still need to do some manual overrides when you export the final page.

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