Mindfulness…merging your rational and emotive mind.

Well it’s the calm before the storm that is known as final exams! It’s that time when you are trying to tap into your rational, task focused mind but your emotion mind is trying to hijack you so that you can’t concentrate. You’re trapped by the thoughts of failure, or thinking about past mistakes and wondering how on earth you are going to make it through the next 4 weeks.

While there are no quick fixes to this and despite numerous research attempts we have not found the off switch for our emotions, we can use mindfulness to help you merge the two different spheres of your brain into one and try and maximise your wise mind experience.


I know it’s great to be able to multi-task and pack as much into one day as possible but in terms of retention of information, synthesis and ability to recall it having individual focus is more important. So take time out this week to “smell the roses”.

  • Practice you’re observation skills by taking 5 minutes to lie on the ground and watch the clouds go by. What do you see, hear, smell, and touch?
  • Practice your description and unwrap yourself from the interpretations or the judgements you are making on situations by describing the facts. What? who? when? and where?
  • Practice your participation by engaging in just one task at a time. Take the time to just listen to the music rather than listening whilst driving, or washing up.

For more tips on being mindful and staying calm this end half of semester keep checking back on the blog as I’ll be giving regular small exercises you can try. You can also check out our additional resources in the tip sheets and topics of interest pages.

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