Exam Hump Week

humpWell it’s Hump Week. The first week of Semester 2 exams are done and there is only one week to go after this Friday. Woo Hoo!!
I am guessing most people are pretty tired by this time of the year and just wish exams were all finished. I found myself struggling at work this morning with motivation, the end of the year is almost here and I was focused on that instead what I was supposed to be doing. In an effort to bring myself back from December 21st (start of holidays for me!), I thought about what a huge year it has been and everything that I have achieved. This seemed to give me the boost I needed to be motivated to achieve the other goals I had set for myself this year (and do some actual work!). Most of your attention is probably on your upcoming final exams, however, take a minute to think about everything you have achieved this year and everything you still want to achieve (like finishing semester 2).

Two important things to remember in hump week are: keep up that exam preparation and study and remember to look after yourself. Take advantage of the information on our website, there are a number of past blog posts on study planning and managing anxiety and panic around exams. We also have heaps of great tip sheets such as Exam Anxiety, Procrastination, Enhancing Cognitive Functioning and Relaxation Techniques, to name just a few. Amidst all the study, remember that you will function much better if you are practicing some self-care. Taking time to get a good night’s sleep, eating regular balanced meals, staying active and maintaining social connections will contribute to your general well-being and functioning. Taking some time away from study for self-care will actually help your concentration and memory. If you need some extra support during this time please don’t hesitate to contact student support on (02) 4921 6622. Good luck everyone!!

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