You did it!

Congratulations on finishing another semester at UON! Regardless of your final results you have given it a go and that deserves acknowledgement. If you passed them all then kick back relax and if it’s your last subject and you are moving onto paid employment then enjoy whatever break you have before entering the workforce. If you are coming back next year for another semester then take advantage of the time to celebrate this year, recharge and enjoy the holidays.

If things didn’t go to plan this year and you didn’t quite achieve your goals then it’s still time to take some time off, reflect, recharge and after the Christmas holidays come back to UON early and take advantage of the support services available to help you plan for better outcomes in 2017. You can start by checking back in on this blog as we get a head start in January and February in preparing students for 2017.

Take care over the holiday period and Merry Christmas  🙂

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