Accepting the change….

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Firstly welcome back to students returning from holidays. I hope that you have had a chance to recharge your batteries and get stuck into another year of study here at UON. Welcome also to those students who are starting study here at UON for the first time. You have so many new experiences to look forward to! Welcome also to those students who are returning to UON after a large break in study. There will be many changes for you to experiences, some which will be met with excitement and relief (increased coffee stations across the campus) and others with hesitation (the technology has exploded and the options are far greater).

Regardless of what brings you to UON this year take some time in the first week or so to really take in your environment. Find a place on campus you can relax in now so that when things start to speed up you will have somewhere to go and find your inner calm. Stock up on mosquito repellant and look for the best places to nab a park in the early weeks and remind yourself that the fight for a park becomes easier after week 5 or so. Make time to visit all the services you might need on campus early, like the student HUBS, library, printer, pharmacy, health service and counselling so that later in the year if you need some additional help you will know where to find them all.

Finally take the time right now to breath and enjoy the smell of fresh text books, new pencil cases and stationary supplies and open your mind and heart to the new opportunities and people you will meet in 2017 here at UON.

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