Multilingual Meditation

This app and website are like Meditation Gold! Yes there are so many different options to chose from not just in terms of the different guided meditations but also in language, and groups you can connect with. And it’s all FREE!

Insight Timer  is a free website and app that provide guided meditations across different topics like compassion, spirituality, depression and anxiety to name a few. You can use the timer, customise your playlist, chose scripts in different languages (25 languages are covered) and connect with a wider community of people also engaging in the same practice.  It has over 4,300 guided meditations and music tracks from over a 1,000 teachers. You have the opportunity to join different groups and intereact with the members of that group through posts or just view the world map and see others meditating at the same time as you across the world.

With a wide variety of influences and the meditations including, Buddhism, Judaism, Psychology, Shamanism, Sikhism, Vedic, Yoga, Hinduism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Scientific and Taoism there is sure to be something for everyone.

What’s good about it: It is a one stop shop that has no barrier of language, culture or belief!

What’s not so good about it: With all that choice it can seem a little daunting….I mean where do you start and how do you know what’s good. My tip is just explore but do it slowly. Start with one group or one practice and trial it for a week before adding or expanding your playlist.

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