How Stress Affects The Brain

It’s the start of Semester 2 … Yay !   Hopefully the stresses of last Semester have been forgotten, and perhaps some lessons learned about what not to do.

There are few guarantees in life, death and taxes perhaps, and I might add that the increasing study pressure throughout the next semester is up there too.

So today’s blog post is just a short animation to demonstrate how chronic stress actually affects the brain. Hopefully this will give us a “heads up”  about the importance of managing stress, and later blog posts we’ll explore some pro-active strategies to help keep on top of stress.

Enjoy 🙂


About the author

Rich Thorpe is a Counselling & Coaching Psychologist, and an online counsellor at Newcastle University Counselling Service. His interests include Yoga, Martial Arts, Tennis, Bushwalking and getting up way to early to watch english premier league soccer.

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