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On September 12 this year Australians will be asked to vote on amending the Australian Marriage Law to enable same-sex marriage. For those of you who have missed all the social media on this important event, one of the most important things that hopefully you won’t have missed is that the vote is taking place old-school. Yep. By snail mail. What that means is that if you are wanting to vote you need to make sure that your enrolment details are correct by THIS FRIDAY 24th August. It’s estimated that over a quarter of a million Australians between the age of 18 and 24 years are currently missing from the electoral roll. That is a huge number who will miss the chance to have their say. According to TripleJ’s Hack some of those ineligible to vote may be due to traveling or living overseas, as well as people who have recently moved or are not really staying in one place.

Needless to say, from my contact with students who are currently enrolled, you may fall into that second category, perhaps having only moved recently and not worrying so much about whether your electoral details are up to date. You may be spending some time thinking about whether you agree with the proposed changes, or whether the vote will even count, but all that debating is worth very little if you don’t even get the chance to vote. I am not going to get into whether you should or should not vote, but the fact remains that it is your right to be able to vote so if you are thinking you want to have a say or are not yet sure, then make sure you check your details or enrol to vote today.

If you are finding yourself upset or in need of support at this time, then you may want to speak to someone about how to manage what is going on. Our Student Support Advisors are always a great place to start if you want a confidential chat with someone at Uni and you might also find the tips provided by ACON helpful.

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