Making the Most of the Mid-Semester Break

The phrase “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” was recorded as early as 1659 according to Wikipedia, which demonstrates that there has been a strong understanding of the need for work / life balance for almost 500 years.

So when mid-semester break arrives it is really important to not only catch up on overdue projects and assignments, but also to catch up on overdue sleep, exercise and social connections.

Studies in the science of resilience show that if we live in what scientists call an “enriched environment” i.e fun, stimulating, with good nutrition, exercise and company, that we become much more resilient to stress.

Let’s face it, we know that the pressure of study, assignments and exams will be increasing in second half of the semester, so ensuring a good balance of activity, rest and relationships during the semester break  makes sense.

Make the most of the final week of the break by making looking after your wellbeing a priority.


App Review  : Prana Breath

Learning to breathe effectively can dramatically increase your ability to manage stress and perform under pressure, and now you don’t have to even attend that Yoga class to get some breath training.

Prana breath guides you visually to control the ratio of  inhalation to exhalation, which is a simple way of activating the para-sympathetic nervous system, which helps us to calm down and relax.

The makers claim the following benefits, and as a Psychologist and Yoga Teacher I am in agreement, but only if you practice regularly.

+ Improves brain activity: memory, attention, concentration
+ Decreases colds’, migraine and asthma attacks’ frequency
+ Improves the quality of sleep
+ Develops resistance to stress, and physical endurance

Start training now, and you will reap the benefits come exam time !

PranaBreath is available on Android, and a similar app Universal Breathing – Pranayama Lite is available for Iphone



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Rich Thorpe is a Counselling & Coaching Psychologist, and an online counsellor at Newcastle University Counselling Service. His interests include Yoga, Martial Arts, Tennis, Bushwalking and getting up way to early to watch english premier league soccer.

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