Individual Online Sessions

We also offer individual counselling sessions online via phone, Skype, Zoom or email. All appointments need to be prebooked and the same principles of privacy and confidentiality as face-to-face appointments apply. If you are interested in making an appointment you can do this by talking with a Student Support Advisor on any of our campuses; by getting in contact with us at one of our Skype Drop-In Sessions or by emailing

The individual appointments are offered by our Counsellors and Online Counsellors.


What to expect?

Online counselling sessions are virtually the same as standard counselling sessions except that instead of sitting in an office with the counsellor, you connect with them via an online format.  The issues students bring to counselling are the same, the therapeutics techniques used by the counsellors are the same and privacy and confidentiality rules are the same.  How you connect online is up to you and the options for online counselling are: phone, email, Zoom (audio, video or text) or Skype (audio, video or text).



Zoom is a program that runs via Outlook. This format uses audio, video or text chat, and also has desktop and resource sharing possibilities. Zoom is available on computer, phone or tablet. It does need an internet connection.  There is no need to download any programs, we will simply email you a link prior to each session. Clicking the link will launch a webpage with the video/audio/chat interface.

Skype is another option for online counselling. This format uses text chat, audio or video chat during the session.  You will need to download Skype onto your computer, phone or tablet and register for an account.  You will also need an active internet connection.  Prior to the first session you will need to send a contact request to the online counsellor with whom you have the appointment. The counsellor will email you their skype username prior to the session.

Skype can be downloaded from this website

Instructions for downloading Skype

Instructions for using Skype

Phone and Email counselling are also available upon request and are arranged with the individual counsellor.



There are a range of different forms that your counsellor may ask you to complete prior to the first session, after the first session or over the course of therapy. These forms are available below for you to complete but you can discuss them with your counsellor before completing them if you have any questions or concerns.

You may be asked to complete an online presentation sheet and privacy and confidentiality form.

You may also be asked to complete the consent to release/exchange information form found here.

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