About Us

PNR Brain Puzzle

The ‘Precision Neuromodulation’ Program is a unique collaboration of neuroscientists, clinicians, electrical engineers, and physicists with the unifying purpose of developing next generation therapies to treat neurological and neuropsychiatric brain diseases. 

Our Program brings together discovery-based scientists with industry and clinical partners to build an in-depth understanding of how neuromodulation can be used to address real world clinical challenges. Our expert team aim to expand fundamental scientific knowledge, improve current neuromodulatory therapies and to train the next generation of research, clinical and industry leaders.

The ‘Precision Neuromodulation’ Program combines Discovery science, Clinical practice, and Education programs as part of a comprehensive research approach. Our research is underpinned by the principles of Expertise, Collaboration and Translation. This strategy will allow scientists, clinicians, industry partners and students to work in partnership to gain new knowledge that can be translated into improved/novel therapies for neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases for better patient outcomes.

Our research is divided into three overarching themes: Spinal Cord, Peripheral, and Brain Modulation

Our Industry, Clinical, and Research partners:

Our Program has a number of established collaborative clinical and industry partners including CannaPacific, Hunter Pain Specialists and Hunter ENT. We also work with the Priority Research Centre for Organic Electronics, Priority Research Centre for Complex dynamic Systems and Control , Newcastle Innovation, HMRI and, Genesis Research Services. Our participation in the University of Newcastle’s Surgical Skills Training Unit also provides the setting to engage with new and existing industry partners and clinicians.