Stroke-Group copy

Group Members
Neil Spratt – Group Leader
Damian McLeod – Postdoctoral Researcher
Debbie-Gai Pepperall – Research Assistant
Amelia Tomkins – PhD Student
Lucy Murtha – PhD Student
Daniel Beard – PhD Student
Rebecca Hood – PhD Student
Caitlin Logan – PhD Student
Kirby Warren- Honours Student
Mr Naseer Abdul – B. Med. Sci. Student

Research Focus
The Translational Research in Stroke laboratory have a current strong focus on stroke pathophysiology, imaging and in the regulation of intracranial pressure and cerebrospinal fluid production and drainage after neurological injury. We have active collaborations with several members of our own school, other schools within the University, with the clinical stroke research team based at the John Hunter Hospital (of which Dr Spratt is a member), and with national and international researchers.


1. Short duration hypothermia to prevent subsequent intracranial pressure rise
2. Increasing perfusion to the ischaemic brain via leptomeningial collaterals
3. Testing stroke sonothrombolysis using an improved experimental model of thromboembolic stroke
4. The China-Australia Therapeutic Hypothermia in Stroke (CATHS) research program
5. CT imaging of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow in rats
6. Functional characterisation of a new regulatory for CAMKII at synapses
7. The use of enriched environment post stroke: translation from bench to bedside
8. FiTIST – Fitness Training in Stroke Trial

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