Areas of expertise

Professor Julie Byles
PRCGHA Director
  • gender
  • ageing
  • health services
  • longitudinal studies
  • preventative medicine

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Associate Professor Deborah Loxton
PRCGHA Deputy Director
  • women’s health
  • domestic violence
  • health service use
  • maternal health and wellbeing
  • mental health
  • reproductive health
  • social and economic wellbeing and health

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Dr Meredith Tavener
Research Fellow
  • qualitative data and methods
  • retirement transitions
  • thematic analysis
  • women’s retirement
  • women’s time stress

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Dr Catherine Chojenta
Research Fellow
  • longitudinal research
  • mixed methods
  • perinatal mental health
  • women’s health

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Dr Melissa Harris
Research Academic
  • chronic disease
  • coping
  • disease onset
  • longitudinal data
  • mental health
  • psychosomatics
  • qualitative methods
  • quality of life
  • stress and health
  • women’s health

For more information, visit Dr Melissa Harris’ profile

Peta Forder
Academic Statistician
  • biostatistics
  • clinical trials design
  • cohort studies
  • health research
  • lifecourse epidemiology
  • longitudinal methods
  • longitudinal studies
  • population health
  • research design
  • research methodology

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