Rateless Codes: A Brief Overview

Ratless Codes are a class of powerful error correction codes, were originally proposed for erasure channels. Unlike conventional fixed rate codes, where the code rate is a predetermined value, in rateless codes, a potentially limitless number of coded symbols, is generated and sent to the destination. The destination will send back an acknowledgment to the sender, upon receiving an adequate number of coded symbols and successful decoding of the whole message. In the past decade, rateless code have received lot of attention in both communication and information theory research communities, which led to strong theory behind these codes mostly for erasure channels.

This weblog aims to provide an up to date overview on research work on rateless codes, their applications in wireless communications, and their potential for next generation wireless systems. We provide brief overview on rateless code design strategies and guide the readers to find more information through provided references. We also provide regular updates on the current research work on rateless code design for wireless communications at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Newcastle.

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