Hit me with a culture shock!

Just a couple of days to go…


Since the end of the uni semester I have slowly been getting my head around this trip! There has been a lot to organise and keep updated on, but with my exam and final group assignments out of the way, I’ve been able to cross off most items from the all-important checklist!


Meanwhile, I recently turned 21 and one gift that I received was ‘Lonely Planet: THE TRAVEL BOOK’. Naturally, I turned to the section on Cambodia, where, in addition to some enticing pictures of the vibrant culture, there was a note on biting into a nice deep-fried tarantula. Cue arachnophobia. And so, I have stumbled across the only thing that will not make it onto my list of things-to-do in Cambodia. However, I am indeed super excited about everything else that is planned for the trip thus far! In fact, I am a little overwhelmed.

As Jess mentioned on an earlier post, our contact, Seng Song, has a lot scheduled for us! I am looking forward to learning more about our plans for the project from Seng once Jess and I arrive in Siem Reap, and working to see them come to fruition.

At this stage, my Khmer has some serious room for improvement. Jess is much more proficient than me and I have made some ‘subtle’ hints that once I get a grip on a few of the basics, she can help me from there. Learning Khmer is all part of the experience!

I am also keen to continue researching for The Giving Game!

So for now, I better start packing. I am staying at The Rhydges Sydney Airport Hotel on Friday night for a 7:55am departure on Saturday!

I really can’t wait to embrace all that Cambodia has to offer!

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