July 2015

Looking at this experience with an objective perspective, I think there are many great outcomes for the students involved and the people we connect with. Whether its learning to adapted […]

Be the change

  The above song lyrics were a driving force for me throughout the trip and a pre cursor to my predicted feelings upon returning home. Being back in the face […]

Where to from here?

Taking part in this culturally-rich, three week project in Cambodia has been a truly wonderful experience! Indeed, I was presented with opportunities of authentic cultural immersion, such as attending the […]

Unexpected Initiatives

In previous blog posts I spoke about the problematic nature of short term volunteering and the importance of developing goals and establishing outcomes for ongoing sustainability. I also spoke about […]

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on The Giving Game and effective altruism, looking in particular at an article by Ware (2015), ‘Cosmopolitism, National Interest, Selfishness and Australian […]

The price of education

  Literacy is a fundamental human right as well as a foundation for life-long learning and continued human capital development for inclusive and sustainable development Lemaistre 2013). During the Pol […]

home again

The room was filled with people. Important people. Businessmen, young entrepreneurs, government officials… all to see us. Hard to believe!? After 3 weeks in Cambodia, we had the opportunity to […]