Co-authoring a media article for The Conversation

While in Siem Reap, I received a particularly exciting invitation from Dr Catherine Grant: working my ‘arts and sustainability’ blog post into a short media article and pitching it to ‘The Conversation.’

The pitch was accepted!

After setting up an author account, I worked with Cathy as co-author to refine our draft. We edited the piece using an online interface set-up by The Conversation. As the novice, I learnt a few things from Cathy to help improve my efficiency when drafting and editing a piece of writing. I also enjoyed researching for material to link to the article, as well as formatting it to suit the relevant constraints. Collaborating with Cathy on this piece was a privilege, especially since her idea was sparked by my blog post!

Our piece, ‘Re-enchanting the world with performing arts: stories from Cambodia‘, was published on the July 13, 2015.

As well as becoming familiar with more formal journalistic processes and having the opportunity to begin profiling work, publishing this piece has been a great way to share the idea of the importance of ‘new stories’: social, cultural, and political alternatives that bring us closer to a world of social justice and equality. More than this, Cathy and myself were able to share some of our wonderful experiences with artists in Cambodia!

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  1. It was a pleasure to work with you on this, Matt. Glad you enjoyed the process, and thanks again for writing in your earlier blog post about the interesting concept of “new stories” through the arts!


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