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Looking at this experience with an objective perspective, I think there are many great outcomes for the students involved and the people we connect with. Whether its learning to adapted to new and confronting situation and being able to work effectively to creating a deeper understand on other cultures around the world. Personally I felt as though I did both of these things and am so excited to see the world and the different cultures in it. Being back in Australia for a couple of weeks now I have started appreciate things I didn’t before the trip. One of these things was my job. I work as a waiter and it gives me enough money to be youth, have fun and go out with my friends. Seeing how people my age had to have multiple jobs to provide for their families put my life into perspective. Moving forward I think I’m going to try to travel around the world differently now, spend more time in one place, make connections with people and have an open mind with the culture. I would want to work in the places I went travelling, start a routine and really live in the city or town. I also will constantly be looking out for opportunities to see the arts section of a culture in new places. I would just like to thank Newcastle University and Cathy for always helping us.

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  1. You’re welcome, Chris; I’m glad if the project has made you reflect on and perceive some things differently. It sounds like it has! Best wishes to you for your future travels and life adventures, whatever they might be.


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