About the project

This is the website of the project “Developing social awareness and engagement through the creative arts“, an arts-based service learning project led by the University of Newcastle (Australia).

Six undergraduate creative arts students from the university’s School of Creative Arts are travelling to Cambodia for three weeks in June-July 2015.

They will be hosted by three non-profit partner organisations:

Students are undertaking creative, research-based, learning-and-teaching, or other activities that support the activities of the three non-profit partner organisations.

They will undertake basic Khmer language studies before and during their travel.


  • to grow the students’ sense of social responsibility and global citizenship
  • to develop the students’ understanding of how the creative arts may be leveraged for social improvement
  • to support the activities of the partner organisations and those with whom they work
  • to offer an applied approach to studies, and an alternative to traditional modes of learning

Dates: 20 June – 11 July, 2015

Project leader: Dr Catherine Grant

Funding: This project is funded by a grant awarded to the project leader through the Australian Government’s New Colombo Scheme.

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