detention center

“My hands are tied,” the policeman says. “I’ve got to follow orders, or I will lose my job, and be in poverty myself.” A modest fire burns on the pavement, […]

Networking Workshop Outcomes

In previous blog posts, I spoke of the problematic nature of short term volunteering and the necessity of capacity building through establishing sustainable outcomes. Furthermore I discussed the difficulties in […]

The Giving Game is an exercise in which 6 Create and Performing Arts students come together discuss how they can effectively split up $1000 to 4 different Non Government Organizations […]

During my time in Cambodia Jessie, Emily and I went to the killing fields and to be honest I didn’t know how it would be, I just knew it was […]

I’m home and on reflection I loved my time in Cambodia and creating relationships with CLA that I will hopefully have for a long time in the future. Having to […]

If you know me at all, or you have followed my blog posts enough to grasp a piece of my character than you would realise that I’m a bit of […]

Dr Beat "Beatacello" Richner

Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals Dr Richner is a passionate and dedicated paediatrician. Under his leadership, five Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals have been established in Cambodia since 1991. The hospitals provide […]

We are back in Australia now, but that does not mean an end to the blog entries. Our time in Cambodia was wonderful, heart-wrenching and so full on that I […]