Life and death in the Permian: Excursion to Swansea heads and Mulbring

This year the excursion had to be postponed because of the weather, and accelerated due to mother’s day on the Sunday.

Then the tide was not with us, and outcrops at Swansea were underwater for a long while.

It was otherwise a pleasant day to be out, hunting fossils in the Mulbring quarry.

IMG_8688 IMG_8680 IMG_8676

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  1. Richard Maher


    I enjoy finding fossils with my two boys. Is the area at Swansea and Mulbring easily accessible? We usually find some interesting material on the northern end of Susan Gilmore beach.


      • Eleanor

        Hi David,
        My daughter is also interested in finding fossils. We’ve been to the Swansea Head one, it’s great. But we are not sure about the address in Mulbring. Could you please pass the address to us? Can the public access Mulbring? Thanks heaps in advance.


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