UON students at HEDG meeting

Our Honours and MPhil students have presented their projects at the HEDG (Hunter Earth Sciences Discussion Group).

  • Sean Melehan, Unravelling long-distance facies associations and sequence stratigraphy of the northern Sydney Basin
  • Sebastian Wong, Provenance and structural evolution of the Yancannia Formation, southern Thomson Orogen
  • Ryan Dwyer, Age and tectonic significance of the Louth volcanics: implications for the evolution of the Tasmanides
  • Deepika Venkataramani, Understanding the subsurface structure of the Gilmore fault Zone through geophysical modeling: implications for Lachlan tectonic reconstructions

It was a great opportunity for our students to take their work beyond the uni. Thanks to Phil Gilmore from NSW Geological Survey for maintaining the HEDG group.


HEDG talk at the Newcastle museum. Under the globe.

HEDG talk at the Newcastle museum. Under the globe.


Our students

Our students (left to right: Deepika, Ryan, Sebastian and Sean)



Sebastian’s structural analysis of the Yancannia



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