Combined excursions GEOS3170-GEOS3330

This year GEOS3170 – Resource and Exploration Geology provided an excursion to Cobar NSW to explore how the mineralizations are structurally controlled in the Cobar basin. The excursion included mapping of the folded and faulted host rock as well as visits of the CSA and Peak Gold mines to demonstrate how the geology is explored from exploration and production cores. We are very gratefull to both companies to have provided such window into the real work of a mine geologist.

We combined the excursion to Cobar with our usual field trip to Broken Hill for GEOS3330 where the effects of multiple phases of metamorphism and deformation are unravelled. We had the opportunity to get a lecture by Prof. Ian Plimer on the Broken Hill ore body formation. Thank you very much Ian.


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