MinEx CRC : GSNSW- embedded researcher position opened

We are looking for a post-doc to work on cover sequences in the MinEx CRC NDI areas in NSW. The role focuses on the characterisation of the cover, its key interfaces and identification of the signatures of basement geology and mineral system footprints.

The position is a GSNSW-embedded researcher, providing unparalleled access to GSNSW research environment and capacity on top of the University of Newcastle Earth Sciences group.

Being  MinEx funded the position also provides a fantastic opportunity for collaborating with other participating state surveys, GA, CSIRO, and a number of other MinEx CRC partners.


MinEx CRC at UON

Job advert: https://www.seek.com.au/job/40063569?searchrequesttoken=8feecb40-dba0-4bdd-a378-ba624defaa51&type=standout


CRC MinEx funded

The Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation, Zed Seselja, and Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Matt Canavan, announced $50 million of Australian Government funding for MinEx CRC.

MinEx CRC is a major endeavour comprising:

  • $50M cash from the CRC Programme
  • $41M cash from geological surveys and from industry
  • $49M non-staff in-kind
  • $78M or 311FTE staff in-kind
  • TOTAL $218M

MinEx CRC’s research will include:

  • Developing more productive, safer and environmentally-friendly drilling methods to discover and drill-out deposits, including coiled tubing drilling technology.
  • Developing new technologies for collecting data while drilling, bringing forward mine production.
  • Implementation of a National Drilling Initiative (NDI) – a world-first collaboration of Geological Surveys, researchers and industry that will undertake drilling in under-explored areas of potential mineral wealth in Australia.

Congratulations to all involved with the Bid.  We are delighted at this success and its scale. MinEx CRC will, at its commencement, be approximately twice the size that DET CRC was at its commencement. MinEx CRC’s 34 current participants are listed below.  Additional sponsors may apply to join MinEx CRC. If you are interested please refer to the attached and contact Andrew Bailey or www.minexcrc.com.au.

The MinEx CRC announcement was followed by a National Press Club speech by Minister Canavan which announced the commissioning of a ‘National Resources Statement’ to address the challenges facing the sector including the need to make new mineral and energy discoveries. The National Resources Statement is to be delivered by a very well credentialed ‘Resources 2030 Taskforce’ within six months.

The MinEx CRC’s current participants are: Anglo American, Barrick Gold, BHP, South32, Atlas Copco, Geotec Boyles, HiSeis, Imdex, LKAB Wassara, McKay, Olympus, Sandvik, Geoscience Australia, Geological Surveys of NSW, SA and WA, Curtin University, Universities of Adelaide, Newcastle, South Australia and Western Australia, MRIWA and CSIRO.

Current MinEx CRC Affiliates are Investigator, Minotaur, DataCode, Minalyze, Mudlogic, Southern Geoscience, Geological Surveys of NT, Queensland and Victoria, Mineral Resources Tasmania and the SA Department of State Development.

this is a re-post from : https://www.aseg.org.au/news/minex-crc-funded

UON students at HEDG meeting

Our Honours and MPhil students have presented their projects at the HEDG (Hunter Earth Sciences Discussion Group).

  • Sean Melehan, Unravelling long-distance facies associations and sequence stratigraphy of the northern Sydney Basin
  • Sebastian Wong, Provenance and structural evolution of the Yancannia Formation, southern Thomson Orogen
  • Ryan Dwyer, Age and tectonic significance of the Louth volcanics: implications for the evolution of the Tasmanides
  • Deepika Venkataramani, Understanding the subsurface structure of the Gilmore fault Zone through geophysical modeling: implications for Lachlan tectonic reconstructions

It was a great opportunity for our students to take their work beyond the uni. Thanks to Phil Gilmore from NSW Geological Survey for maintaining the HEDG group.


HEDG talk at the Newcastle museum. Under the globe.

HEDG talk at the Newcastle museum. Under the globe.


Our students

Our students (left to right: Deepika, Ryan, Sebastian and Sean)



Sebastian’s structural analysis of the Yancannia



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