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What is MinEx?

MinEx CRC is the world’s largest mineral exploration collaboration bringing together Industry, Government and Research Organisations.

In particular, MinEx CRC research includes the implementation of a National Drilling Initiative (NDI) – a world-first collaboration of Geological Surveys, researchers and industry that will undertake drilling in under-explored areas of potential mineral wealth in Australia.

MinEx CRC web site:  https://minexcrc.com.au/


Project 8: Geological Architecture and Evolution

The mission of the National Drilling Initiative (NDI) is to drill multiple holes in several case study areas to map the regional geology and architecture and define the potential for new mineral systems in 3D.

Project 8 aims to provide new geoscience data and knowledge in the NDI case study areas via integration of geophysics and petrophysics, regolith and hydrogeology, alteration signatures, basin analysis, and igneous and metamorphic analysis. These new data will aid in the construction of 3D geological models and 4D reconstructions of the geological evolution of the case study areas and aid in the identification of known and potential mineral systems within. New technologies and methodologies will be developed and leveraged to change mineral exploration practices in under-cover regions. Project 8 will provide advice to assist program design for future drilling in covered terranes, including within the NDI case study areas.

Project 8 web page: https://minexcrc.com.au/program-three-national-drilling-initiative/project-8-geological-architecture-and-evolution/


Project 9: Targeting Mineral Systems in Covered Terranes

The NDI provides an opportunity to change our approach to mineral exploration targeting – taking advantage of MinEx CRC’s national collaboration, ten-year life, continent-scale perspective and access to many thousands of meters of drilling. The NDI provides a unique opportunity to (1) systematically collect large (multi-scale), comprehensive, and diverse data sets; (2) deploy fit-for-purpose data- and geoscience analytical techniques designed to identify and map mineral system footprints within cover and underlying basement; and (3) apply a suite of mineral systems mapping tools designed to identify and prioritise areas of high prospectivity. These form the parts of a Mineral Systems Analysis and exploration workflow which we will develop and deploy in Project 9 with application beyond the scope of the NDI.

Project 9 web page: https://minexcrc.com.au/program-three-national-drilling-initiative/project-9-targeting-mineral-systems-in-covered-terranes/



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