Mechanical properties of A356 and ZA27 metallic syntactic foams at cryogenic temperature

Our manuscript has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds. The paper can be freely downloaded for the next 50 days.

Abstract This work presents compressions tests of metallic foams at cryogenic temperature. The investigated syntactic foams were manufactured by combining a packed bed of expanded glass particles with either an aluminium or a zinc matrix using infiltration casting. Uni-axial compressions tests were performed after submerging samples in a bath of liquid nitrogen with an equilibrium temperature of −196 °C. Both the solid matrix material and syntactic foam samples were tested. For comparison, room temperature reference data from the literature was obtained. In addition, the effect of thermal treatment on the mechanical behaviour of both alloys and their foams at cryogenic temperature was addressed. The results indicate significant embrittlement at cryogenic temperature; however, aluminium and its foams are less susceptible to this effect.