Once your application for an internship is successful you will be requested to to send a letter of support from your home university advising that the practical experience is a compulsary component of your course. You will need to go to the head of the internship`s office of your course of studies to get this letter.

For German students: you should apply for Auslands-BAföG as soon as possible, because BAföG processing times are at least 2-3 months. For stays in Australia the responsible BAföG authority is Studentenwerk Marburg.




In order to find an accommodation you can usethe two following links:




Shared accommodations start from 150$ per week (without WiFi). Rooms with WiFi and own bathroom start from 200$ per week.
In general, it is not possible to sign a lease agreement before completing an inspection. In addition, it is also strongly  recommended to inspect your accomodation so that you won’t suffer a nasty surprise when you finally arrive at your room. You may attempt to contact current internship students in Newcastle that can help you organising a room for you.


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