Please note that your internship at the UoN is unpaid, but there are different ways to get money for German students.
Every student who gets Inlands-BAföG will be entitled to Auslands-BAföG. Even students who have not received BAföG in Germany may have the the chance to get it in Australia as there  are different criteria for a stay abroad.
In addition, you can apply for the three following types of scholarships (this also works in combination with BAföG for amounts up to 300).

  • DAAD – PROMOS-Stipendium: travel costs or partial scholarship
  • MWK- Zuschuss (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Baden-Württemberg)
  • GIZ – Stipendium: travel costs or partial scholarship

Though you can apply for several scholarships, you only can get one of them. For more information you can visit the Homepage of Akademisches Auslandsamt Aalen.


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